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EC Offroad

EC OFFROAD Throttle Controller

EC OFFROAD Throttle Controller

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EC OFFROAD Throttle Controller 

Our EC OFFROAD Throttle Controller is designed to suit multiple vehicles  as a Plug and Play Tool for Throttle response.

With multiple settings for the ultimate setup while being offroad. You will have the best options to use while in Mud, Sand, Snow or while towing or day to day use. 

The Throttle controller doesn't give you more power, it utilises the power you already have to give better response to your throttle. 

Give our EC OFFROAD Throttle Controller a go today. 

1. F1 Levels 1 - 9 (Comfort)
2. F2 Levels 1 - 9 (Sport)
3. F3 Levels 1 - 9 (Sport +)
4. EC Levels Single Mode (Fuel Efficiency)
5. Normal Mode 

Currently available for the Following Cars 

- 200 Series
- N80 Hilux
- N70 Hilux
- Navara 
- Dmax
- Amarok
- Triton
- Ram

*for stock levels, please call our warehouse on 1300 504 060

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