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Outback Kitters

Outback Kitters Ram 1500 DT Pre Runner Bar

Outback Kitters Ram 1500 DT Pre Runner Bar

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Australia's strongest Pre Runner bar is now ready for the 1500 DT!

If you want to complete the style of your Ram 1500 DT with a bit of extra frontal protection and lighting, then check out the pre runner bar from Outback Kitters.

With a high clearance rate of 360mm from the ground and a steel bash plate, you know that you're going to be well protected wherever you're going.

The total weight of the bar, all mounting brackets and lightbars are 75kg.

  • 6mm Alloy bar weighs only 26kg.
  • Front Protective Hoop (Front Camera compatible).
  • 6mm Steel Winch Cradle & Bash Plate weighs only 26kg.
  • Recessed Winch Fairlead.
  • 6mm Steel Bar Mounting Brackets (20kg)
  • 20mm Rated Front Recovery Points.
  • Provisions for front parking sensors.
  • 2 x Roadvision 13" Flood Lights (Range: 605m @ 1Lux).
  • Built to suit ADR 69 Compliance and Australian Standards
  • Multiple finish options including:
    • Raw (for shipping)
    • Powder Coated Satin Black
    • Colour Coded
  • Large access holes to access Winch Clutch Release Handle
  • Optional: Sherpa 17,000lb winch Don't settle for less on such a big rig!
  • Optional: Roadvision 30" Stealth Dual Row Lightbar (Range: 929m at 1 Lux - fits below front hoop).
  • Braided Sensor Plug & Play Patch Harness
  • Made in Brisbane, Australia.

    This is to suit the 2019+ Ram 1500 DT. This will NOT suit the Ram 1500 DS (Classic) Model.

    Click here to see the bar designed specifically for the Ram 1500 DT Rebel trim level. 

Make sure your bar has at least 15-19mm clearance between the body and the bar to allow for body roll and movement. This bar was designed to ensure that you do not have any panel damage from your overlanding adventures!

*This is a supply only price. Contact us for an installed price.

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