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EC Offroad



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EC Offroad OBD2 Reader

WIFI Based


  • Engine Diagnostics + Gauges ( boost, DPF temp, Converter/trans temp etc)
  • Customise a number of OBD-II performance gauges with the type of data you want
  • Works with most popular Apps including DashCommand and Torque Pro
  • This OBD2 scanner will help you troubleshoot engine codes, saves you a ton of money in diagnostic fees. Diagnose Check Engine Light & Fix the Problem Yourself.

Get engine trouble code & Know why your engine light is on and turn it off.

  • [Reads & Clear DTCs]: Read Engine diagnostic trouble codes DTC and provide both the code and its' meaning and clear them
  • [Engine Live Data]: Customize and monitor real-time engine parameters.
  • [Readiness test]: Test and check status of engine emission control systems
  • [VIN]: Read vehicle info such as Vehicle Identification Number VIN, 

use your smartphone to connect or this wifi OBD will easily connect to all EC Head units & interface modules

*for stock levels, please call our warehouse on 1300 504 060



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