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Gen-Y Glyder Hitch 2" Adjustable Tow Hitch w/ 8" Drop

Gen-Y Glyder Hitch 2" Adjustable Tow Hitch w/ 8" Drop

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Check out the amazing Gen-Y Glyder tow hitch which has adjustable positions to help you tow what you need whilst keeping it all level.

    • Rated up to 3,500kg, with a 2" shank
    • Utilises Gen-Y's torsion technology to reduce the vibrations transferred from the object being towed to the vehicle itself - in a more compact and lightweight design than the standard torsion style hitches
    • Sand Blasted and Coated with a Durable Silver-Vein Powder Coat
    • Comes standard with a built-in tongue compatible with the DO35 coupling or the mounting of a 50mm ball - You will need to source your own Coupling/50mm Ball.
    • Has 4 different levels of adjustment available, to a maximum of 8" of drop
    • Hitch is fully rated for use in both a standard and reverse configuration. However, be careful that the tailgate doesn't fall down and get dented from the hitch if used in a reverse setting. It is recommended to get a tailgate assist if you intend on having the hitch going upwards instead of downwards

This 4 position / 8" Glyder hitch is recommended for:

  • Ram 1500 with a 2" Lift Kit
  • Vehicles towing a really low set trailer
  • Vehicles towing over rough or corrugated terrain (up to 3.5t)

50mm ball is rated to 4.5t, however Australia legislation requires anything over 3.5t to be towed on a DO45/70mm ball or Pintle - the Glyder hitch is only rated to 3.5t regardless of whether or not it is utilising a 50mm ball.

**You should never exceed recommended capacity on any trailer tow coupling or vehicle receiver hitch**

*for stock levels, please call our warehouse on 1300 504 060

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