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ClicOn Right Centre Mount to suit 200 Series Landcruiser 16-19

ClicOn Right Centre Mount to suit 200 Series Landcruiser 16-19

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Landcruiser 200

  • The ClicOn Dashboard mounts are easily self-installed.
  • Full installation instructions come with each mount.
  • No glue or screws are required to attach the mount in position.
  • Once installed the mount provides the platform to attach ClicOn range of smartphones, tablets, and GPS holders.
  • All our mounts have pre-drilled AMPS pattern holes to assist with mounting the holder into place.

Before You Order:

  • Choose the year range of your vehicle.
  • Check the image of the dashboard and make sure that it matches yours before ordering.

Product Code : 655177

This Dashmount has been custom designed to fit your vehicle's dashboard without damaging your interior. Designed for mounting ClicOn holders. ONE Part of a TWO Part Solution. Installation instructions provided.

Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before installing the ClicOn.

1. Insert the thin end of the enclosed gap opener into the gap dividing the left part of the center console, to widen the gap. Use the enclosed alcohol pad to clean the area where the ClicOn is to be installed. Remove the adhesive tape cover on the ClicOn. Point the air vent flaps rightward.

2. Insert the angled lower edge of the ClicOn into the gap next to the gap opener.

3. Move the ClicOn forward/upward so the angled upper edge hooks into the gap on the lower inside of the airvent. Press downward on the upper part of the ClicOn so the adhesive tape fastens properly.

4. The ClicOn is in place.

*for stock levels, please call our warehouse on 1300 504 060

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