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ClicOn Console Mount

ClicOn Console Mount

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This Dashmount has been custom designed to fit your vehicle's dashboard without damaging your interior. Designed for mounting ClicOn holders. ONE Part of a TWO Part Solution. Installation instructions provided.

Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the ClicOn.

Product code : 634143

NB. For Automatic Shift Only

  • 1. Press the thin end of the enclosed gap opener into the gap between the center console panel frame and the console edge, to widen the gap. Peel off the cover of adhesive tape on the ClicOn.


  • 2. Press the angled edge on the right side of the ClicOn into the gap next to the gap opener.


  • 3. Stick your index finger on your right hand up behind the console wall to extend it from the carpet and make an opening. Then press firmly down on top of the ClicOn with your other hand so the angled edge hooks around the edge of the console, next to your index finger. Pull out your finger. Pull out the gap opener.


  • 4. The ClicOn is in place.
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