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BDS Suspension

BDS 4" Lift Kit for Ram 1500 DT Air Suspension

BDS 4" Lift Kit for Ram 1500 DT Air Suspension

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These new air ride compatible kits are built to the highest standard to maximize the truck's potential with room for 35" tires.

This 4" lift kit for Rams with air suspension combines Fox Shocks with high-clearance laser-cut cross-members and a differential relocation system for improved ground clearance and off-road performance. The kit is engineered to retain full functionality of the factory air ride system, and features a differential skid plate and no fine-print warranty for peace of mind.

Built on BDS's tried and true high clearance design these kits correct steering, suspension and driveline geometry for on road comfort, handling and safety. These systems have been engineered and tested to retain full functionality of the factory air ride system allowing you to adjust ride height through the various modes. Up front this 4" system includes a pair of high clearance laser cut crossmembers along with a 3-point differential relocation system and differential skid plate to create a stout subframe for the suspension components to be installed. New ductile iron CNC machined steering knuckles are supplied along with heavy duty tie rod ends to keep allow for ESC system compatibility. Top mounted strut spacers are supplied to allow the use of the air ride front air bag struts along with all the necessary air-line fittings. A billet aluminum driveshaft spacers is supplied to lengthen the factory front driveline along with brake line brackets, sway bar link extensions and all the necessary hardware to complete the install. 

The rear of the air-ride equipped RAM 1500 mimics the standard RAM 1500 with the exception of adjustable height rear air bags. The additional ride height comes from a pair of 3" top mounted air bag spacers to lift and level the stance. New air lines and fittings are supplied to along with ride height sensor brackets to maintain propoer positioning and functionality of the factory air ride system at the new height. BDS supplies rear upper control arm relocation brackets to correct the geometry at the taller ride height. A track bar correction bracket is supplied to recenter the rear axle along with new extended length sway bar links to improve stability on and off-road. Rounding out the rear of these air ride kits are brake line relocation brackets, bump stop extensions and your choice of either BDS NX2 gas or upgrade FOX 2.0 performance series gas shocks. This new 4" lift kit corrects the suspension geometry and allow for full use of the ride height adjustability in the various modes to with the base lift set at 4" over. Get more out of your air ride equipped RAM 1500 or Rebel with BDS!


Important Kit Notes

  • 1. Extreme care/caution must be taken to follow the steps of these instructions to prevent any air leaks or damage to the bags during installation.
  • 2. The factory air ride is a closed loop system. Opening the system more times than recommended in the lift instructions will require the system to be recharged (this can be done at any RAM dealer service department). A scan tool is needed to access the air control module to perform the service.
  • 3. Frame bracket modificaiton is required.
  • 4. Fits 4WD models equipped with factory air ride only.
  • 5. Stock 18" wheels cannot be reinstalled due to steering interference. Stock 20"+ wheels can be reinstalled with factory size tires.
  • 6. Trucks equipped with factory 22" wheels must use the large bore steering knuckles.
  • 7. Does NOT fit Diesel Models.
  • 8. Will NOT fit models equipped with the Thermal Axle option. Reference build code DSK-P or check diff cover for cooling lines mounted as circled in image below.

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