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Air Outlet to suit Y62 Nissan Patrol Rear Pillar

Air Outlet to suit Y62 Nissan Patrol Rear Pillar

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Air Outlet to suit Y62 Nissan Patrol Rear Pillar


Introducing our premium Rear Upright Pillar Air Outlet Kit specially designed to fit your Y62 Nissan Patrol. Engineered for performance and rugged durability, this kit is your ultimate solution for on-demand air supply.

Tailored Fit : Our air outlet is precision-engineered to seamlessly integrate with the Y62 Nissan Patrol's rear upright pillar. It complements your vehicle's aesthetics while serving a crucial function.

High-Quality Materials : Designed and manufactured by our in house engineering team, our latest products are crafted from top-grade materials, this air outlet is built to withstand the harshest off-road conditions. It's designed for long-lasting performance, ensuring it can handle whatever the trail throws your way.

On-Demand Air Supply : With this kit, you can connect an onboard compressor, conveniently mounted in the rear quarter panel. This setup ensures you have instant access to compressed air whenever you need it, whether it's for inflating tires or operating pneumatic tools.

Easy Installation : While professional installation is recommended, our kit includes comprehensive instructions to help you seamlessly integrate the air outlet into your Nissan Patrol. You'll need to cut a hole for mounting, but the step-by-step guidance makes the process straightforward.

Enhanced Off-Road Capability : Having a reliable source of compressed air is a game-changer when you're exploring off-road terrain. This kit empowers you to maintain optimal tire pressure for improved traction and handling, making it easier to navigate rocks, mud, sand, and more.

Versatile Use : Beyond off-roading, this air outlet can prove to assist in various situations, from inflating sports equipment and camping gear to performing maintenance tasks around your vehicle or home.

Included : 
1 x EC Offroad Air Outlet
1 x Air Fitting
1 x Right Angle Push Connect 
1 x On Off Switch and Tail
1 x Short Air Hose Length

Upgrade your Y62 Nissan Patrol with the EC OFFROAD Rear Upright Pillar Air Outlet Kit, and elevate your off-road experience to new heights. 

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