Steering Wheel Terms and Conditions

General Product Disclaimer

All of our Products are manufactured and supplied for offroad use only and are not to be used on motor vehicles operated on public roads or other areas. Our Products will be sold to you on the basis of being for offroad use only and you may risk prosecution if our Products are used in a manner other than described in the product description or in these Terms. We have no control over the usage of any of our Products by you.

We will not be liable for any injuries, death or property damage caused by the operation of any motor vehicle and/or the use of any Product purchased from our Website.

We reiterate and confirm that We make no representation or warranty, explicit or implied, that our Products are compliant with relevant statutory requirements for use in a motor vehicle.

The installation of any aftermarket part on your motor vehicle may void or otherwise adversely affect your factory warranty and/or insurance. In addition, such installation and use may violate certain National, State and Local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances as well as other laws when used on motor vehicles operated on public roads. Always check National, State and Local laws before modifying your motor vehicle. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of you to determine the suitability of our Products for your use and ensure compliance with any applicable laws, rules, regulations or ordinances. You shall assume all legal, personal injury risk and liability and all other obligations, duties and risks associated therewith.

We assume no responsibility or accountability, be it in a criminal or civil action, where any of our Products are used in a manner that is either outside these express Terms and/or is illegal.

We will repair or replace (at our discretion) any Product, which, under normal conditions of use and service, proves to be defective in workmanship. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, paint, exterior finish, or any labor costs incurred in the diagnosis of defects, removal or re installation of a product, nor does it cover any other contingent expenses.