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Android Dash Cam with ADAS

Android Dash Cam with ADAS

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Memory Card 64GB

Android Dash Cam with ADAS 

Stay Safe and know that you always have a recording readily available at your finger tips. 

Common issue with dash cams is not being able to have a life view in larger scale with instant replay readily available. With our Android dash, it wires directly into our EC OFFROAD Head units and allows you to play back any accidents or incidents that may have happened. 

With an easy to use interface, you plug our camera in, be connected to the internet and search for any software updates that may be available. Once you are online it will record in a loop to the memory card in 3 minute increments which allows you to search much easier. 

With build in ADAS, you can see a live snap shot of cars and objects in-front of you. Safety alerts can be switched on for notifications of objects too close and detects distances of up coming cars. 
Screen Type: OLED
Angle: 140°
Resolution: 1080P
Function: ADAS, car dash cam
Voltage: 12-24v
Working Temperature Range: -25 - 65 ℃
Warranty: 12 Months, 12 month
Video resolution: HD 1080P
Night Vision:Support Night Vision
Functions: loop recording
View Angle: 140 Degree

Requires Micro SD card to Operate

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